About Bend Like Bamboo

In 2009, at age 24, Amanda was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Five years later, a severe MS attack left Amanda paralysed, lost and with the odds stacked against her.

This, for Amanda, was the point where she felt she’d lost everything. Understandably, anyone in this position would have given up, but Amanda instead refused to accept this as her fate.

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“When everything becomes dark, that is a time when you can find your own light and what you are truly capable of.”

But recovery was around the corner

Within six weeks, while living in rehabilitation under the care of doctors, neuro-physiotherapists and an Applied Kinesiologist, Amanda stunned doctors by not only beating the odds and walking, but running.

Unbeknownst to Amanda at the time, in the years to come not only would she make a full recovery, but she’d dedicate her life to helping others do the same.

Kinesiology, Kinesiologist

“One day I pulled my car over, got out and started walking. It was just a few minutes, but the next day I came back and I walked a few more, and then a few more, until one day – I ran.”

A new life direction

Amanda gave up a prolific career in the fashion industry to pursue a Diploma in Sports Kinesiology in an attempt to better understand her own rapid recovery.

Her research and studies have taught her to see the body as a whole, completely connected like a tensegrity structure.

Kinesiology, Kinesiologist

The integrated language of Traditional Chinese Medicine understands that the anatomy of the body is connected to the biochemistry of the mind, thoughts and our deepest emotions.

Now equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the connection between the mind and body, Amanda has dedicated her life to rebuilding the lives of suffering Australians.

Bend Like Bamboo was founded in 2013.

Today, Amanda is an accredited Sports Kinesiologist who travels the country educating Australians on the importance of maintaining a nutritious diet and a healthy emotional state of mind whilst maintaining a balanced approach that ensures lasting results.

Taking a balanced approach, combining Sports Kinesiology with Traditional Chinese Medicine Techniques and a common-sense

philosophy to renewing your state of mind, she now helps people living with an illness, stress or pain or any physical or emotional setback to reclaim their lives.

Kinesiology, Kinesiologist

Operating under the core belief, that renewal can be possible if the body is given the environment it needs – as demonstrated through her own recovery – Amanda has inspired and transformed the lives of countless Australians.

Amanda’s road to recovery and renewal has been long and arduous, but her journey is a testament to the sheer strength of willpower, determination and the kinesiological approach to homeostasis.

What was once a hurdle for Amanda eventually grew into a great opportunity, which is now a perception she brings to her business, believing that setbacks are designed to move you into a new phase of life.

Since overcoming the odds and reclaiming her life, Amanda has dedicated her career to helping others, like her, reclaim theirs.

Welcome to your recovery.

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