How to Bend Like Bamboo

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I woke up today for the first time, actually ‘seeing’ the beautiful view on my daily walk with the dogs again. With motivation, ease and will that I have missed for the last few months. 
It has reminded me that there really is heaven and hell here on earth – according to one’s state of mind.
How I see the world stem from my thoughts – which stem from what I deeply believe about myself, life and the environment around me.

A story about Virgil Anderson’s Mesothelioma Cancer survival

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Virgil Anderson is alive today and receiving life-saving treatment because he found an organisation that provided him with the information and support he needed. As we all share what we learn from our journeys with cancer, whether ours or another’s, we can give each other more options and genuine hope. Thank you, Virgil, for sharing this with us.

Sinusitis – The emotional links

Amanda Campbell/ May 14, 2016/ Blog/ 3 comments

Sinusitis – The emotional links 

When we experience issue issues in the sinus and inflammation in the sinus tissue there can be an emotional association.

The body is connected, structurally, biochemically, emotionally and electromagnetically.

The emotional links to the thyroid

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We know that the body is a mirror image of the mind, our thoughts and how we think and feel.

Cell Metabolism can represent the rate of development of an area of your life

When one becomes concerned about how slow or fast an area of their life is developing this could relate to difficulty with the thyroid gland. 

The emotional links to diarrhoea

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Diarrhoea can be related to an emotional state.
It is of course structural and biochemical. We are now realising that a physical symptom is in fact, like a tapestry, connected on all levels.

The emotional links may be due to the desire to pass on very quickly an event or experience being offered so that the factors this event offers cannot have an impact on our lives development. 

Laryngitis – The emotional links to physical stress

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How you think and feel is a mirror image of what occurs biochemically in your body, and what you see in your reality around you.

If we understand that the body is absolutely connected, we can get to the bottom of physical symptoms by understanding how they are related to our emotional state.