The benefits of Kinesiology

Kinesiology can access blocked emotions and limiting fear-based beliefs stored in your body, as well as your subconscious mind and nervous system. It is here that we address the emotional and psychological imbalances that may have been rooted over an extended period of time.

These fear-based beliefs and blocked emotions are not serving you well in your day-to-day life and can interfere with your physical health, thoughts and emotions. They can even go on to effect what the people and experiences you attract in your life and prevent you from achieving your dreams.

Kinesiology can help identify and manage the factors that cause stress.

  • Constant worry
  • Always wanting to be in control
  • Forever being hard on yourself
  • Not feeling like you are enough
  • Not allowing others to nurture you
  • Issues surrounding money
  • Unable to receive in your life or express your feminine aspect
  • Emotional conflicts with your family and loved ones
  • Change
  • Death and grief
  • Living your life to someone else’s expectations
  • Setting the bar too high and never feeling successful

Ask yourself, is my reality reflecting what I want in my life?

  • Am I experiencing good health?
  • Am I living in abundance?
  • Do I attract love in my life?
  • Do I receive joy easily?
  • Do I feel connected and guided
  • Do things come easily to me?
  • Or am I sick and exhausted all the time
  • Am I feeling stuck?
  • Am I grieving?
  • Do I feel anxious or depressed all the time?
  • Am I living with an illness?
  • Am I finding life to be a constant struggle?

These are clear signs that your core beliefs about yourself do not match what you are truly desiring in your life.

Kinesiology can help you work out what these beliefs are.

We’ll help you pin-point where they came from, and then how to adapt and improve them in order to change your life and ultimately improve your overall health and wellbeing.

We achieve this through a combination of Sports Kinesiology & Coaching sessions that involve:

  • Posture Alignment and Gait Correction
  • Sports injuries, Fascia, Cranial, TMJ, Tendon and Ligament Stress, Pain
  • Biochemical Sessions addressing Nutrition, Hormones, Toxins and Gut Health
  • Symptom relief using Acupressure Techniques by Charles Krebs
  • Meditation and mindfulness techniques to give your body the right environment to repair
  • Acupressure and coaching sessions that assist with dealing with the emotional links to disease, addressing and changing old fear-based core belief patterns that no longer serve you in your life anymore

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