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Workshops and Public Speaking

Bend like Bamboo at work is a health and wellbeing program that empowers busy women and men to improve their physical health and mindset, building inner resilience as a result.

“Companies that have a strong sense of why are able to inspire their employees. Those employees are more productive and innovative, and the feeling they bring to work attracts other people eager to work there as well.” Simon Sinek, a British-American author, Ted X motivational speaker and marketing consultant.

Bend Like Bamboo Health and Wellbeing Program

Research shows that healthy employees are more productive, which leads to increased profitability and happiness at work.

Australian workers take 90 million sick days off every year. Research shows that healthy and engaged employees have 37% fewer sick days, 30% higher productivity, which leads to increased profitability, 2.5 better customer satisfaction and happiness at work.

In a 30 minute lunch and learn presentation or a 2-hour masterclass, our workshop will educate and inspire your team. Learn strategies to achieve optimal health, enjoy a renewed sense of purpose, thriving in your workplace,

As a Speaker, Amanda Campbell speaks at events and businesses to educate and inspire others about why they should care. She believes that you can make a transformation in your life and that renewal can be possible if you give your body the right environment it needs.

Option 1 or 2

Presentation (30 minutes)

Or 45 minutes including mindset training

Option 3 or 4

Workshop masterclass 2 hours

Or full day workshop that includes session by Immunity To Change

In a presentation Amanda will outline:

·            Amanda’s story

·            Education on how to give your               body the right environment to               repair and thrive

·            Nutrition, mindset and mind-                 body connection is linked to                   personal and business success

6 segments are available depending on the needs of the company. Each topic comes with an eBook $20 each per person

·            Includes a 30 min presentation               on Amanda’s story, nutrition,                 and mind-body connection

·            Mindfulness and meditation                   coaching

·            Recipe’s to nourish the body                   on a cellular level

·            Stretches and exercises

·            Journaling

·            Includes 6 workbooks

Full day workshop features an afternoon session with the Immunity to Change Program

Developed by Harvard Professors, Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey, the Immunity to Change programme helps leaders and organisations understand their own individual belief systems and assumptions which may be preventing them from making sustainable changes and holding them back in their leadership goals.


In a presentation you will learn:

  • How to nourish your body on a cellular level – what do I eat?
  • How to feel better mentally and emotionally, leading to better decisions, happiness, and productivity
  • Meditation and the importance of mindfulness in your personal life and at work
  • How movement is connected to your emotional health learn daily stretches and exercises you can do at work to maintain optimal posture
  • Leading to a flow state and a much deeper connection in your mind body and life. It is from this space that you can see obstacles as opportunities and a higher understanding of what your business needs daily

“To Bend like Bamboo is to bend with the change that is inevitable in life, reducing suffering increasing adaptability and resilience.” Amanda Campbell

“Amanda has a beautiful heart and intuitive soul. I had a positive experience in my session and I really appreciate her holistic approach to total wellness.”

Terri Vinson, Synergie Skin

We have engaged Amanda for a number of our corporate community events and not only is she an absolute professional who makes the whole process effortless, but she is an engaging and inspiring presenter with an incredible passion for what she does. She also always goes the extra mile to engage one on one with those who want to approach her following her presentation, which enhances the experience of our guests. We hope to work with her again many times in the future.”

Bella, Equiem

See Amanda in action

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Getting Started

We would love to see if we can help you in your personal journey, and are looking forward to working with you.

Amanda offers one on one consultations for coaching & Kinesiology & can also do Skype sessions for people who cant make it into the clinic.

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Client testimonials

The bond we share with our clients is one of the reasons we are one of the top rated Kinesiology practices in Melbourne.

Hear directly from some of them how we could potentially help you.


My sessions at Bend Like Bamboo have totally changed my life in ways that l never thought possible. When I first went to see Amanda l had health issues and l was feeling incredibly run down and suffering from severe depression and she has helped me completely turn my life around. I honestly can't believe how different l am now because of the amazing work Amanda has done with me. Amanda is such a caring professional and she has always made me feel safe and unjudged. l truly believe the day l walked into her Kinesiology Practice was the beginning of my amazing new life and I have never been more
Monica Shedden
Monica Shedden
10:47 08 Sep 17
I look forward to seeing Amanda because I find her care to be outstanding. It is making a real difference to sustaining improvements in my energy levels, health and wellbeing. Her intuitive care is spot on. It is so great great to find a health practitioner that cares so much about you and makes a real more
Amanda Watt
Amanda Watt
00:38 26 Sep 17
Clarity & calmness are just two of the things I gain from my sessions. Bend Like Bamboo gives you the opportunity to stop, refocus and re-energise. Highly recommend this place. Whether you have a particular situation that needs specific attention or just for ongoing maintenance, either way your feel great more
Bianca Millar
Bianca Millar
22:31 23 Sep 17
Amanda has been very helpful in making my body and my mind more aligned. I used to have a very sore neck due to stress and very short period cycles since ever. Thanks to her great skills and care, she focused on my neck and my cycles and put everything back in order. Just a better balance. I feel physically fantastic by not having a recurrent pain from my neck down to my back and by not being exhausted from short cycles. She is a great listener and a trusted more
Camille Filippi
Camille Filippi
02:49 10 Aug 17
This has been the most soul searching journey... understanding how my actions & behaviours are linked to my past & how to break those patterns to create a more positive and loving future.Amanda is an incredibly down to earth human being, her story is an inspiration to everyone. I have learnt so much from her & I can't wait to learn even more
Nicole Blakney
Nicole Blakney
11:23 24 Aug 17
Amanda at Bend Like Bamboo is amazing. Not only is she inspiring but she is clearly extremely at the top of her field. I had a truly special experience and left feeling fantastic. I can't wait to keep working with Amanda and delving deeper into the world of Kinesiology. Amanda is certainly a leader in the field and I highly recommend her to anyone struggling and looking for alternative options to mainstream Western more
Bronwen Fallens
Bronwen Fallens
06:16 24 Jul 17
Amanda has a unique skill in this field. I have benefited so much from her caring professional attitude to healing. Bend like Bamboo Kinesiology sessions with Amanda have helped me heal ailments and deal better with built up stresses and I have also learnt more about how the body connects to emotions. I highly recommend Amanda and now choose this approach to medicine as an alternative option in conjunction with western medicine. Thank you Amanda!read more
Anthea Michaels
Anthea Michaels
10:56 08 Aug 17
Amanda is amazing!! She was able to understand my health concerns from a health perspective and also a wholistic view.Since my first appointment I have had positive results and couldn’t recommend Amanda more
23:34 31 Oct 17
Amazing experience. Highly recommend to those seeking to learn where you may be unbalanced in life and seeking the right course of action. Highly recommend to anyone!read more
Milton Papadopoulos
Milton Papadopoulos
00:54 08 Dec 17
Wow what an amazing women! Amanda you have changed my life. I have Alopecia Areata / Depression & suffer Migraines. Ever since I have met Amanda my hair is growing back and my whole mind set has shifted. With the combination of Eastern & Western medicine I am able to live my life again. Amanda has taught me to eat the proper nutrition and with that everything else follows. The moment I met Amanda she instantly made me feel comfortable. She has this amazing persona that you instantly feel comfortable. You are one amazing women and you inspire me on a daily basis with your own life story. Thank you for helping me through my own personal journey. Can’t wait for my next appointment. Debsread more
Deb Kakkos
Deb Kakkos
07:04 08 Jan 18
Amanda was very understanding, kind yet professional- a balance that’s not easy to obtain. I found her office a great space, very calming. Thank you for the hope you more
05:55 19 Jan 18
Amanda was engaging, warm and knowledgeable. She explained everything perfectly and really helped me connect the dots with how the mind, spirit and body working together are crucial in recovering from MS. Her sessions are practical and focussed on giving you the tools you need to help yourself. Also I felt relaxed, lighter and more positive after the session. Thanks so much!read more
Andrea Robotham
Andrea Robotham
09:43 22 Feb 18
Amanda is such a lovely person, and a great coach through life's difficulties. I found the session really helpful to ease my stress and anxiety. Highly recommendedread more
Sarah-Jane Matthews
Sarah-Jane Matthews
06:05 05 Mar 18
Amanda is talented, gifted, inspiring and generous with her time. Every appointment I leave greatful for the opportunity to have been. I always feel more centered, aligned and energised after seeing Amanda and I noticed positive shifts from my very first visit. Her gentle, understanding and insightful nature is really something more
Jessica Bolt
Jessica Bolt
02:18 15 Apr 18

About Bend Like Bamboo

In 2009, at age 24, Amanda was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Five years later, a severe MS attack left Amanda paralysed, lost and with the odds stacked against her.

This, for Amanda, was the point where she felt she’d lost everything. Understandably, anyone in this position would have given up, but Amanda instead refused to accept this as her fate.

Kinesiology, Kinesiologist

“When everything becomes dark, that is a time when you can find your own light and what you are truly capable of.”

But recovery was around the corner

Within six weeks, while living in rehabilitation under the care of doctors, neuro-physiotherapists and an Applied Kinesiologist, Amanda stunned doctors by not only beating the odds and walking, but running.

Unbeknownst to Amanda at the time, in the years to come not only would she make a full recovery, but she’d dedicate her life to helping others do the same.

Kinesiology, Kinesiologist

“One day I pulled my car over, got out and started walking. It was just a few minutes, but the next day I came back and I walked a few more, and then a few more, until one day – I ran.”

A new life direction

Amanda gave up a prolific career in the fashion industry to pursue a Diploma in Sports Kinesiology in an attempt to better understand her own rapid recovery.

Her research and studies have taught her to see the body as a whole, completely connected like a tensegrity structure.

Kinesiology, Kinesiologist

The integrated language of Traditional Chinese Medicine understands that the anatomy of the body is connected to the biochemistry of the mind, thoughts and our deepest emotions.

Now equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the connection between the mind and body, Amanda has dedicated her life to rebuilding the lives of suffering Australians.

Bend Like Bamboo was founded in 2013.

Today, Amanda is an accredited Sports Kinesiologist who travels the country educating Australians on the importance of maintaining a nutritious diet and a healthy emotional state of mind whilst maintaining a balanced approach that ensures lasting results.

Taking a balanced approach, combining Sports Kinesiology with Traditional Chinese Medicine Techniques and a common-sense

philosophy to renewing your state of mind, she now helps people living with an illness, stress or pain or any physical or emotional setback to reclaim their lives.

Kinesiology, Kinesiologist

Operating under the core belief, that renewal can be possible if the body is given the environment it needs – as demonstrated through her own recovery – Amanda has inspired and transformed the lives of countless Australians.

Amanda’s road to recovery and renewal has been long and arduous, but her journey is a testament to the sheer strength of willpower, determination and the kinesiological approach to homeostasis.

What was once a hurdle for Amanda eventually grew into a great opportunity, which is now a perception she brings to her business, believing that setbacks are designed to move you into a new phase of life.

Since overcoming the odds and reclaiming her life, Amanda has dedicated her career to helping others, like her, reclaim theirs.

Welcome to your recovery.

Kinesiology, Kinesiologist