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My journey to wellness started in 2004 when I was diagnosed with MS. 

After intermittent attacks with a paralysis in hospital, I have since dedicated my time to finding answers about why I became unwell, unravelling the complexities of MS and Autoimmune Disease. 

After a debilitating MS attack in 2009 I was given a 50/50 chance of walking again. 

It was a time of great loss and a time of true awakening for me.

However with the assistance of a wonderful team of Doctrors, Neuro Physiotherapists and Kinesiology Therapy, I have made a full recovery. Once I addressed my nutrition I noticed a profound difference. I now wish to share my journey back to wellness. 

As a result I recovered more quickly than any of the doctors imagined. 

With the combination of hard work, a great team of Therapists and supportive friends helping me believe that I could do it, I ran in 6 weeks.

My recovery prompted me to change my fast paced career in the Fashion Industry and to go back to school to study this life changing therapy. I now have a Diploma in Sports Kinesiology.

I have now dedicated my life to share my journey back to wellness. 

A key to my recovery I believe was transitioning from a state of illness and suffering, to a place of wellness and happiness. 

I was inspired to call my clinic Bend Like Bamboo because once I began to stop fighting back all the setbacks that came in my life, and learned to bend with the change that was inevitable anyway, I stopped suffering and the magic began.

To "BEND LIKE BAMBOO" is to be flexible with the constant change that is, omitting suffering, leading one to discover the recipe for happiness. 

How I hope to be able to help you?

Together in sessions with Kinesiology we can address the emotional stresses that come with living with illness, something that is not so easy to do on your own at a time when life is hard and you feel stuck, defeated, depressed and sick. 

I can teach you the skills I learned along the way that helped me achieve this and give you the tools to make this important transition for yourself. 

It is in this better state of mind, that you will learn how to control it and get your life back again, and ultimately your health.

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As a MS sufferer, before Amanda treated me for my bladder issue I was constantly finding myself, due to my mobility issues desperately trying to hobble to find a toilet, sometimes not making it! I also had issues with leakage and emptying. It was extremely frustrating and embarrassing. I was and still am astounded that one or two sessions with Amanda has almost completely cured me. I will be forever grateful to Amanda and Kinesiology for changing my life. Thank you so much!!!
— Tim, 46, Melbourne