Prahran Kinesiology

Prahran Kinesiology


Do you find it weird that the some days we feel strange, flat and abnormal?

The body has an innate healing energy and it does it’s best to care for itself. Although there are days where we feel different, something just doesn’t feel right. Maybe we cannot exactly explain it, although we know something isn't right. 

Someone who has experienced these feelings understands what I am talking about, this is when they seek help and guidance which leads them to our Prahran Kiniesiologist Clinic.

Kinesiology is essentially used in the complementary health or natural medicine field, it is used primarily with muscle testing to identify imbalances in the bodies structural, chemical and emotional sources. This is all in conjunction with the bodies main energy system. 

Kinesiology helps the body establish its priority healing needs and evaluates energy changes brought about by a wide range of both manual and non-manual therapeutic procedures. 

This can be understood as a system of natural health care which can be combined with the following muscle monitoring principles including:

  • Chinese medicine to assess energy and bodily functions 
  • Posture Alignment and Gait Correction
  • Sports injuries
  • Fascia, Cranial, TMJ, Tendon and Ligament stress
  • Biochemical sessions that address nutrition, hormones toxins and gut health

This is just a few methods used by our Kinesiologist in Prahran.

Whether you are looking to enhance your life or understand stress, you need to be shown the respect, love and compassion needed to progress to that point. 

Our Kinesiology practice in Prahran is perfect for you if you are looking to enhance the connection between your mind and body.
When this connection is made and aligned effectively, you can enhance your daily performance through all areas that include health, wealth and emotional factors.

This will also bring about amazing focus and clarity into your daily life.

Kinesiology is also incredible for anyone who is just wanting to understand and cope with any form of stress, worries, money problems, major or minor life changes, death, grief and many more daily issues we are faced with. 

Understanding our beliefs, where they come from and how our thoughts are manifested through memories and past experiences, really allows us to uncover how we can move forward and get past any limiting fears and blocked emotions we may have!

Kinesiology can access blocked emotions and limiting fear-based beliefs, stored in your body, subconscious brain and nervous system.

Everything we do in our Prahran Kinesiology Clinic has been tested and proven to show amazing results.

The coaching and Kinesiology sessions we offer are non-invasive and will leave you ready to take charge of your life with the power and clarity you deserve, desire and have within! 

The body is already aware of what it needs to heal, move forward and grow. Kinesiology is able to, in a therapeutic sense facilitate the information in order to air that potent and profound natural healing process. 

Each one of us have the ability and power to take charge, make change whilst living happily and freely. 

Sometimes we just need a little help. 

This is why I love sharing my story and have dedicated my life to helping others in overcoming their own situations.

I would love the opportunity to show you the power of Kinesiology and what it can do for you and your life.

Not only has it changed my life but it has completely changed my clients lives as well, follow the link below or simply fill out my contact form to see how I can help enhance your life to!

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The Bend Like Bamboo experience is unique and memorable. Amanda has a warm and caring approach and has helped me so much. Particularly with left and right brain integration to help with my studies. After a session with Amanda my thoughts are much clearer and the essays seem to just flow. I am so grateful for all your help Amanda. Both my six year son and I have gained great benefit from Amanda’s Kinesiology sessions. Keep up the good work!
— Veronica, 35, Melbourne