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The Optimal Health Series includes:

  • Part 1. Optimal Health
  • Part 2. Free Your Mind
  • Part 3. Reclaim Your Body
  • Part 4. Reconnect Your Soul
  • Part 5. Happy Food
  • Part 6. Journal to Reset



Welcome to my Optimal Health Series.

I believe you can change your mind about what is possible. Flexibility in your mindset impacts everything that matters:

  • Your body’s ability to repair
  • How happy and resilient you are
  • How connected you feel

At 29 years old, I had an attack that paralysed the entire left hand side of my body from MS. With no choice but to succeed and faced with never walking again I had to learn how to change my mind, and what I believed despite the odds.

This is how this project was born, when I discovered the importance of bending like bamboo.

I am here today after a decade of of recovery, with a passion to share the lessons and research I have discovered along the way, which can apply to anyone recovering from a physical or emotional setback.

I now understand that setbacks are designed to move you, to a new path. Life is full of contrasting moments designed to teach you the lessons that you are here to learn.

But change can be hard, we can struggle to move out of our comfort zone.If you can then shift your mindset, and bend with flexibility, I learned that you can significantly reduce suffering, whilst maximising your energy, solutions and repair in your body.

We often don’t give our bodies the right environment to reset and perform.

My Optimal Health program is designed to inspire and educate you to:

  • Maximise recovery and adapt to change
  • Shift your mindset and perception
  • Give your body the right environment to repair