Part 1. Optimal Health




Welcome to Part 1 of my Optimal Health Series.

I believe you can change your mind about what is possible. Flexibility in your mindset impacts everything that matters:

  • Your body’s ability to repair
  • How happy and resilient you are
  • How connected you feel

At 29 years old, I had an attack that paralysed the entire left hand side of my body from MS. With no choice but to succeed and faced with never walking again, I had to learn how to change my mind, and what I believed despite the odds.

This is how this project was born, when I discovered the importance of bending like bamboo.

In Part One of my Optimal Health Series I share with you the lessons I learnt in my recovery from MS-induced paralysis and my study of the body and brain; these lessons have helped me optimise my health and performance and I believe they will help you too. I share with the reader my personal and professional purpose and WHY I am driven to help others change their mind about what is possible in their own lives.