A lot of our clients ask us... what does Amanda use? So here it is!

At Bend Like Bamboo we stock natural, organic products that Amanda uses every day at home.

Here is a list of all of our wonderful, specifically sourced products by Amanda here for purchase at BLB:

  • All of our Red Road Kinesiology skin care products are organic, natural and handmade with no nasties.

They each cost $15

  • Nanoxan Gold 100% Mangosteen Juice has wonderful antioxidant properties. Other vitamins include Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, Vitamins C and B1. Amanda has a shot of Mangosteen Juice everyday for it's anti inflammatory properties.

Nanoxan Gold 100% Mangosteen is $50

  • Body Balance is made from essential Sea Nine vegetables. We often find it hard to incorporate the super important sea veg in our diet. Amanda drinks 4 shots every day for epic energy.

    Body Balance is $45
  • CoCorosco Body Wash and Face Wash are free from all the nasties - another great all natural skin care product.

    They each cost $19.95

We also stock a number of great books to help your on your journey to wellness.

What the 'BLEEP' is Kinesiology - $20

INQ - $38.50


Your Success - $40

Journey of Me - $38.50

If you would like to purchase any of our lovely products, please fill out the form below...

We will shoot you through an invoice & get the process underway. Please note that an additional $10 will be charged if you would like your order posted to you, we also offer pick up from our office in Prahran. 

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