Meet Amanda Campbell - Sports Kinesiologist, MS Ambassador, Mindset Coach.

At the age of 24, Amanda was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). A debilitating incurable disease that renders its sufferers prone to paralysis, nerve damage, and in some cases blindness.

Amanda suffered a major MS attack in 2009 that left her paralysed down the entire left-hand side of her body. Unable to move, eat, walk or control her own body, Amanda was given only a 50% chance of ever walking again.

With no choice but to succeed,  Amanda channelled her energy into a positive force. With a mountain of determination, the aid of eastern and western medicines, Amanda astounded everyone by not only walking unaided, but running again.

In 2013, Amanda founded Bend Like Bamboo, now one of Australia’s leading kinesiology practices, delivering programs designed to optimise health and resilience.

Today, Amanda dedicates her time to helping others rebuild their lives after illness, trauma, and stress; specialising in autoimmune disorders, the emotional links to disease & physical stress.

At her core, Amanda believes that renewal can be possible when the mind and body are given the right environment to repair.  

  • ACCM – Diploma Sports Kinesiology
  • Psychotherapy Pranic Healing
  • Advanced Pranic Healing
  • Advanced SIPS Charles Krebs
  • Anatomy & Physiology Kinesiology Charles Krebs
  • Advanced Nutrition & Kinesiology
  • Applied Nutrition and Human Metabolism
  • AIK Professional Member

What Is Kinesiology?

Your muscles are connected to your brain via the nervous system. These muscles form groups that are also connected to organs in your body. By leveraging the muscles as a feedback tool, kinesiologists access programs and emotional states that are often out of your awareness.

To create real change, you need to target these subconscious pathways in the brain which are in charge of approx. 95% of your biochemical processes and reactions. It is not enough to just wish for the change as an idea consciously.

Kinesiologists address these subconscious emotional blocks by assessing the anatomy as whole, rather than isolated elements. Using traditional Chinese methods you can discover the cause of what is blocking or sabotaging your progress and they can be structural, biochemical, emotional or electromagnetic.

This is when your idea that you want better health, more love in your life, or success shifts gears and transforms to you deeply believing that you will.

The Bend Like Bamboo Connection Model

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you going through change?
  • Are you feeling anxious, depressed or stuck?
  • Are you physically experiencing pain or inflammation?
  • Are you lacking willpower or inspiration in your life?

Kinesiology can assist with:

  • Promoting repair in the mind and body
  • Building resilience in the face of setbacks or change
  • Shifting sabotage patterns
  • Anxiety, depression, stress
  • Inflammation and pain

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